What is your Turnaround?

Standard turnaround is 2-3 weeks (10-15 business days). Your expected completion date will be in the upper right corner of your invoice. This completion date may be modified based upon when we receive payment or approval on your mockups. 

Do you accept Rush Orders?

In a Hurry? When you send your quote request, please let us know the time and date you would like to receive your goods. If we can accommodate your request, we certainly will. Orders with less than 1 week turnaround will incur rush fees.

What sort of things does Kong make?

Our primary focus is apparel and wearable goods, included screenprinted hoodies, tees and tanks. We also offer embroidery services for polos, hats, etc. We can also help with stickers, totes, bandanas, hats, koozies, patches and emblems.
Looking for something else, email us and maybe we can help.

We can assist with lots of promotional items as well, including mugs, water bottles and such. Just reach out with your needs and if we cannot do it, we’ll let you know who can. 

Do you accept single piece orders?

We are not able to make single pieces for approval prior to putting in a full order. We have very thorough mockup approval processes. We’re happy to arrange a photo or in person press check on your design right before full production to make sure everything is perfect. Please ask about press checks when placing your order and we’ll help you out.

Can you do less than the minimum?

We’re sorry that we are not able to complete orders less than our minimums. In order to keep our little factory productive, we have minimum orders to make sure we are able to put out our best work.

What are you minimum orders?

1-4 colors – 25 pieces
5-6 colors – 50 pieces

25 pieces

Stickers, Koozies, Patches
250 pieces

Artwork Requirements

How should I send art?

Vector art is preferred with all fonts outlined. Adobe Illustrator files are best, but we can also except vector format PDF, EPS and SVG.  If supplying pixel-based art like Photoshop or a high resolution PNG, please send your art at actual size to be printed, 300 DPI. 

I don’t have vector, can I send a Jpg or GIF?

JPG and GIF formats will generally not work. They are usually too low in resolution.
If this is all you have, please send it and we will review it. 

PNGs will work sometimes, if they are saved at a high resolution. If you’re not sure, please email us and we’ll take a look.

If your art is not printable, we’ll let you know what needs to be changed to make it work. If you need us to update your art, please let us know. File work will be billed at our hourly rate.    

Do I need to send my fonts?

If supplying fonts, please send OTF or TTF fonts. We will only use your fonts for production purposes.  

How should I tell you what colors I want printed?

Pantone Solid Coated Colors are needed for color matching. If your art is sent with RBG, HEX and/or CMYK colors, we will do our best to match with solid coated Pantone Colors.

If an exact match is critical to your project, please let your customer service representative know the Pantone Solid Coated Codes.

Can I place my order and send art later?

Of course you can send it later, but orders cannot go into production without completed, print ready artwork. Please keep this in mind when planning your required delivery date, as rush charges may be incurred if we receive your art late. 

Payment Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Credit Card, Check, Cash and ACH Payments. If you have a preference on payment, please let your customer service representative know. Generally, a payment request will be sent upon approval of your quote for the full amount.

Can I pay my order after I receive it?

Sorry, we cannot. Work on your order will not begin until payment has been made in full or other payment arrangements have been made.

Do you accept POs?

If your organization processes payments with a PO, please let us know when you request a quote. We will review PO requests on a case by case basis.   

How do I set my business up on terms?

If your organization would like to pay on terms, please let us know when you request a quote. We will review requests for terms on a case by case basis.


When do I receive mockups?

Every order we make will receive mockups prior to full production. In some cases, we can accommodate preliminary mockups to assist you in visualizing the final outcome. If multiple requests/changes are needed on preliminary mockups, there may be additional art fees.   

When should I expect my mockups?

Upon order, you will receive production mockups 1-2 business days after your order. Please review your mockups carefully. If you have any questions about your mockups, please let us know before approval and we will happily answer any questions you have. Mockups will be used by our production team to make sure your project turns out great, so they are extremely important to us and to you.  

What if I need to change my order/art after approval?

Any corrections/changes made after approval of the artwork could delay your project and may incur additional costs.  Please let you customer service agent know immediately if you need a change to your order. If items have already been printed, we cannot redo the work.  

How quickly do you need me to approve my mockups?

A prompt reply is really appreciated. Please reply to your mockups within 1-2 business days to make sure your order stays on schedule. If we do not receive approval of your mockups, your order will not be printed until we do. A slow response could result in a delay of order. 

Any corrections/changes made after approval of the artwork could delay your project and may incur additional costs.  Please let you customer service agent know immediately if you need a change to your order. If items have already been printed, we cannot redo the work.  

Screenprinting Questions

Can you make custom colors?

If you provide solid coated pantone colors our team will custom mix your colors. There may be some slight variation, but it will be minimal.

I only have RGB/CMYK or Hex Codes – is that ok?

RGB, CMYK, and HEX codes can be converted to pantone colors, but are not a 1:1 conversion. Colors on your monitor/phone will be brighter than actual printed inks. For best results, please reference a Pantone Solid Coated Swatch Book or your company’s style guide.  

How much does it cost to mix a custom color?

We do not charge to mix custom colors in most cases.  

Can I do a press check?

Sure! Just let your customer service representative know you want a press check and we’ll arrange it.  

What is an underlay?

An underlay is a primer coat of ink that is printed on a dark textile to ensure that lighter/brighter colors show up at their full saturation in your design.

Will my colors match my pantone on a vintage print?

Pantone colors may not be an exact match for vintage prints due to how the textile and ink color interact. If a precise match is needed on a dark textile, an underlay is advised.   

How big can you print?

For most adult tees our max imprint size is 15″ w x 16″ h.
For many youth and toddler items, the max width we can print is 9″ wide.
For bandanas we can print only 1 color at 18×18 inches.

Can you print over the seams? Shoulders? Neck?

Unfortunately, no. We cannot print over these areas of apparel.

Embroidery Questions

What is the max area you can embroider on a hat?

For most hats, it’s 4.5″ wide x 2.5″ h. It’s best to keep all fonts 14pt or larger and have no strokes smaller than 2pt thickness for embroidery. Landscape format works best for hat designs.

What is a sew out?

A sew out is an actual sewn example of your embroidery. We typically will make a sew out of your design to send you a photo for approval prior to full production.

Do you puff embroidery?

Absolutely! We can help your design stand out with puff!

Order Completion/Pickup/Shipping

How will I know my order is ready?

We will email you and let you know it’s ready to go! We’ll include a final inventory and provide more information about the outcome of your project. If you’re picking up from Kong, you can do so anytime M-F 9-5:30.
If your order is being shipped or couriered, we’ll send information about delivery to you via email.  

Do you ever have spoilage?

Kong uses the industry standard of 3% spoilage for errors in production. We encourage you to order a few additional garments in all the sizes you need. If we have an overage in your print run, we will include those items at no additional cost to you. If there is an underage 3% or less, we may not be able to reprint those items and will refund or credit you towards your next order.

What if I have to cancel my order?

Order cancellations will result in a cancellation fee to cover the cost of expenses for services, labor and materials on your project. If items have been printed, we cannot cancel your order, refund your payment or return the apparel.

Do I pay for shipping?

Shipping and courier fees are the responsibility of the customer.
We will estimate shipping/courier costs for your order if you provide the delivery address in your quote request.