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Our Process

Kong Screenprinting & Design is a customer service focused shop based in Austin, TX. We specialize in apparel decoration, merchandise & custom designs for businesses, non-profit organizations, schools or anyone needing cool stuff.

We pride ourselves on taking a consultative approach to your project. We work side by side with you throughout the process to ensure everything turns out great.

There are a lot of options in the world of printing, but when it comes to producing quality work and delivering top-notch customer service – there is no place better than us.

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Common Questions

Minimum Orders

1-4 colors – 25 pieces
5-6 colors – 50 pieces

25 pieces

Stickers, Koozies, Patches
250 pieces


Is determined by a number of factors including the complexity of your design, the cost of the apparel, and the volume of the order. In general hats and tees cost $5-8 per blank shirt, and hoodies cost around $15 per blank before we decorate them.


Adobe Illustrator/Vector artwork is preferred. Photoshop/high res. PNGs – 300 DPI at scale.

JPGs, GIFs, and other low res. web-based files are not suitable for printing.