Jiha Moon Detourist at Saltworks Gallery, Atlanta

KONG partner Ryan Burkhart has been printing fine art for over 20 years, and during that time ongoing relationships have been built with some amazing artists. One of the most amazing is Jiha Moon. In April, we printed 2 new editions for Jiha, Snow White – Detourist and Procession – Detourist. Snow White is an edition of 120, printed in four variations of color. The central panel was printed on Korean Hanji paper (white, cream, mustard, and orange) and then mounted to Stonehenge paper. Procession was also printed on handmade Hanji papers, each made unique by a master papermaker who hand tints each and every piece.


For her current exhibition at Saltworks Gallery in Atlanta, April 14 through May 25, 2012, Jiha and Ryan worked to complete a installation showcasing the prints. Elements from the two prints were screenprinted directly on the wall, in effect creating a wallpaper design for viewer to walk through.  For more information on the prints, please visit Saltworks Gallery’s website and Jiha Moon’s Website.