East Austin Studio Tours, a new press, and new inks!

In my last post, oh so many months ago, I mentioned that we had some exciting things on the way. Well, we’ve spent the past two months since that post getting things in order to finally reveal what those exciting things are.

First up on the list is the annual East Austin Studio Tour. It kicks off in exactly 3 days, running November 12-13 and 19-20. Our studio, along with hundreds of other studios in East Austin will be open from 11 AM to 6 PM to give thousands of Austinites a peek into our workshop. We have several new designs to unveil and will be doing screen printing, live and in yo’ face, and even give you a chance to print your own shirt if you are brave enough. We are located at stop #54 in The Artpost and are lucky enough to have almost 30 other studios sharing the stop. You won’t be able to see more artists and studios in one place anywhere on the tour. Oh yeah, there will be BBQ, Beer, and tasty ice cream sandwiches courtesy of Cool Haus. While you are out and about, make sure to stop by studio #76 Pump Project Satellite and check out the Artists Screen Printers Coop. They will be doing print demonstrations and have some awesome work on display.

We have also put together a fantastic exhibition of screen printed posters and fine art prints from Control Screen Printing, Hole In The Wall Design, JTP Design and Illustration, Ryan Burkhart, and several pieces printed as part of the long running Serie Project courtesy of the legendary Coronado Studios.

Did someone say new press? Yeah, I totally did. We’ve made it this far on an old 4 color/1 station press that has finally reached it’s last leg. I’m really proud of the work we have been able to do with this press, but the time has come to step up our game. There is a brand new 6 color/4 station press on a truck somewhere in the desert of Arizona, bound for Kong Screenprinting. I am really excited about the new things that we are going to be able to offer our customers with this new press.

Why stop at getting a new press? While we are in the process of expanding, let’s go hog wild.

We are also excited to begin introducing water based inks and discharge printing into our line up and to be able to offer our customers more high fashion, eco-friendly prints. Up to this point, we have only been able to print with plastisol inks. These inks have a PVC base that while both durable and cost-effective, they can leave a texture on the shirt that some people don’t like. They also require some fairly harsh chemicals to clean up. Water based inks have come a long way in the past few years and are now fairly easy to work with, produce quality prints, and are eco-friendly. We’ve had customers asking for water-based printing for sometime now and we are excited to begin offering it over the next several weeks. Our goal has always been to offer customers what they want. We won’t be eliminating plastisol inks, just expanding our offerings to make sure we can meet your needs.

So that’s it. That’s the big news. Make sure to come out and see us during EAST!