The Home Chore Limited Edition Screenprints

KONG recently completed a new limited edition series of prints with Austin based designer, Alejandro Ramirez. Commissioned by the Ampersand Studio and featured at the debut exhibition of the House Gallery, Ramirez created these clever prints as simple reminders of domestic daily must do’s.

Ramirez says,

The Home Chore print idea came to me when I realized I needed a reminder to water my plant, which I rarely did. These posters are meant to live in very specific places inside the home; in places where the reminder induces the action. They add a whole new meaning to home decoration, taking it from mere aesthetic to functional. I chose a square size format to resemble that of another well-known reminder device: the post-it. In brief they are a visual reminder of the stuff we need to do to keep our home a home.

Printed on 100lb Cover,  these archival prints are have saturated colors and leave an impression. Each print is a limited edition of 50 prints.