Araguaney collaboration with M-Lon


M-Lon is the pseudonym of Miguel Gonzalez, an artist, illustrator and designer from Caracas, Venezuela. M-Lon is currently living in Austin, working on a new series of paintings and prints at Kong. Araguaney is the national tree of Venezuela and when you see the beautiful, full yellow trees spotting the green landscape, you understand why. M-Lon began working on this limited edition of 100 6 color screenprints with a series of sketches and painting studies that enabled him to get the color and composition just right before working on the prints. This is his first foray into screenprinting and Kong was happy to collaborate on the edition, which turned out beautifully!

A portion of the edition will return to Venezuela to be exhibited and sold to raise monies for a friend’s healthcare.

Find more information about Miguel on his twitter feed and his facebook page.