Alan Learns How to Screenprint

Finished Prints by Alan Defibaugh

Over the last few weeks I have had the pleasure of teaching a one-on-one beginning screenprinting class to Alan Defibaugh, a talented independent designer and illustrator who works here in Austin. Alan approached me with a notebook filled with amazing sketches, as well as an iPad of digital work that transcribed his whimsical doodles into refined compositions of delight. Alan primarily works in the digital world for his clients and, though he paints fine art, the majority of his creative time is spent in front of the computer. His reason for wanting to learn screenprinting: “To get my hands dirty!” I can think of no better reason to learn. 

This five color print developed over a few weeks time, working late into the evening after I was finished with my normal Kong duties. As you may know, I taught screenprinting at the university level for over 10 years before leaving academia to pursue my own business. Working with Alan was a powerful reminder of how much I love sharing the process of screenprinting – especially with someone who wants to get his hands dirty!  

Alan blogged about his experience and posted some really great photos of the print developing- I hope you’ll read it. I look forward to his 2nd print, as well as the ones to come afterward. He has such a good sensibility for color, texture and shape, I just know that screenprinting is going to become one of his favorite media to use.

Thanks Alan for the kind words and the fun we had in the studio! I’m looking forward to the work to come. – Ryan Burkhart