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TOMS card

TOMS Shoes is launching their new Austin store on March 11th, 2014 on S. Congress. To celebrate the new launch, TOMS collaborated with Alyson Fox, an Austin based designer who has worked with the likes of West Elm and Hawkins New York. Her work has been profiled in the Elle, The New York Times, Vogue, Style and many others.


When TOMS contacted Kong about printing Alyson’s designs on 150 pair of their classics, we didn’t hesitate. A first round of prototyping proved challenging as the shoes are designed with a raised seam that traverses the front toe cap. The problem was how to get the squeegee to ride evenly over the front of the shoe so that the right amount of ink could be deposited and provide a sharp crisp look to ¬†Alyson’s minimal design. Initial tests were promising, but we knew we would have to work very hard to make printing on an after production shoe look seamless.

Kong prototypes


Kong’s printers and problems solvers, Brian Phillips, Bruce Braden and Katie Neustaedter¬† put their heads together and devised a system that got us the high quality results we demand of ourselves. In particular, Brian built a custom printing template that would allow for precise placement of the graphic with just the right amount of ink to make the design pop. We would tell you how he did it, but we’d have to. . .well, you know.


Kong and TOMS were quite pleased with the results – 150 limited edition Classics that will be available at the launch of TOMS new store on March 11th. We hope to see you at the launch!

Alyson Fox TOMS classic Front

TOMS Alyson Fox Shoes