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Kong recently completed printing 14,000 flags for this upcoming installation on Lady Bird Lake. This temporary art installation will be on view publicly for three months this fall. Women & Their Work invited visual artist, Beili Liu, (as lead artist), Emily Little and Norma Yancey (architecture), and Cassie Bergstrom (landscape architecture) to collaborate and the project, THIRST, was created. This large scale, site specific installation is located on Lady Bird Lake. THIRST memorializes the loss of the over 300 million trees that died in the drought of 2011. – quoted text from Women and Their Work’s Website. Please visit to learn more about this project.

Here’s a short video of the prayer flag hanging test:

Over the last two months, Kong has been printing a custom line of apparel for the startup Girls Will Be. Their mission is to create clothes that break free of the stereotypical girly styles dominating retail today. Girls Will Be is committed to providing girls more options to express their individuality with colors and designs that go beyond pink, girly embellishments and gender stereotypes.

highres_113_scKong worked diligently to customize every aspect of the printing of this line of 14 new designs. Girls Will Be founder, Sharon Choksi was onsite in the press room, working  with our team to make sure each color was perfect, each placement exact and that every detail of this Made in the USA (and printed in Texas!) product was high quality and fun. Please visit the Girls Will Be website and store. We’re sure you’ll find something special for that little girl you know who prefers to express her individuality in a color other than pink!

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

We recently worked up some designs for our client who was celebrating her thirtieth birthday. Her plans for celebration were to drive to Marfa, TX with family and friends to see the sites and the wonderful art that has blossomed in the W. Texas desert. The concept of the shirt was to play off Ed Ruscha‘s use of screenprinting and words while incorporating the feeling of light that the landscape can offer.

Dirty Thirty in West Texas Shirts

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Katie!

Showing off their Kong style in front of the Prada store.

We Print Stuff on Things – it’s not just a catchy slogan, it’s an approach to problem solving in the studio that clearly defines what we do. And Etsy likes our approach and attitude to our craft, because they support and value craftsmanship and creativity.

Kong began printing for Etsy during SxSW when we received an urgent call from Randy J Hunt, Etsy Creative Director. They were in need of  T-shirts for an event that they decided to participate in at the last moment. They wanted to promote a new project, Code as Craft.  We worked with Randy to produce glow in the dark shirts for that first event under a tight deadline. Since that time, we’ve continued to print shirts for Etsy events and programming.



Last month, Elana Dweck, Etsy’s Design Studio Manager, contacted us about a special project she was developing with Nicole Licht – handmade displays which would be used by Etsy partners. She needed 25 total displays to be fabricated and printed by hand. Etsy’s slogan is “Keeping it Real” and they wanted to invest the production of these displays with those values.

Bolts of sweet potato colored canvas began arriving to the Kong studios and we began plotting the best way to handle printing large format work by hand. Our large work tables became templates to streamline cutting all the fabric. New screens that would barely fit in our exposure unit were procured. Our friend Jim Braglia came in to provide some extra muscle and brain power for problem solving. It took a solid week to produce 5 prototypes that served to refine the design. Kong is currently producing the other sets.

Working with Etsy is such a pleasure because they value good communication, hand crafted objects, attention to detail and doing things your own way. That’s something Kong values too.

It takes two!
Ryan (left) and Bruce (right) printing together