Kong featured on The Austinot

Brittany prints the Death Star!

Brittany (@QuasiBrit) and Eric (@EricHighland) from The Austinot like to ask questions and blog about the answers. And you know what?  They are really great at it! So, when they contacted us via twitter to set up a time to swing by Kong, we said, “C’mon over and we’ll share with you everything we know about screenprinting and design.”

We enjoyed showing them around the studio, talking about our business and creative approach,  and even teaching Brittany to squeegee some ink through a screen. Check out the great article they published and feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments section. After you’re done with that, make sure you click on the food and drink section and read about Eric and Brittany’s never ending search for the Best Burger Joint in Austin, you’ll enjoy the analysis and it’ll save you a lot of  legwork.